FSP Stock Transfer Request

  • 06 Oct 2014
  • 31 Dec 2018
  • The Pool


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How do I transfer my FSP stockholding membership?   

FSP stockholding memberships can be transferred to another person/family, such as a home buyer or renter or neighbor.

FSP stock transfers are private transactions whose terms of exchange do not involve the pool. However, the FSP stock membership must be in good standing in order for the transfer to be accepted and honored by the pool, with no unpaid fees or assessments due; retired (abandoned) stock memberships are not transferable.

The transferor should apprise the transferee of the FSP stockholding membership responsibilities and annual operating fee commitments. Additionally, the member transferring the stock membership must provide the pool with the contact information of the new member (transferee) in advance of the transferee attempting to enter the pool for the first time.

Please register your request to transfer your FSP stock membership by clicking on the "register" button, at left.

Note: The pool does not charge any fee for transfers, but reserves all rights associated with accepting and honoring the transfer in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of Fairfax Swimming Pool, Inc.  However, this self-service registration process will issue a 1¢ ($0.01) invoice - please ignore the invoice and do not process an online payment for it.

You will receive confirmation of the transfer process via email.